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How do I get started with Cute SMS ?
For all of our services you need to have an Cute SMS account. Click here to Register for a free Cute SMS account.
How do I get my Cute SMS account password ?
Your Cute SMS account password is sent via Email when your account is activated after registration. If you forgot your password, you may send your request through submitting your email id.
I need more help! Where do I get it?
If your question remains unresolved then you can contact our technical support team by sending an Email to
What is "Bulk SMS and Group SMS Service" ?
Once your account is activated you can login to You can create your own group to send Bulk/Group SMS. It is simple to operate.
Can I send SMS FREE of cost from Cute SMS ?
Yes, Cute SMS will allow you to open to demo account to send free SMS. Please register your demo account and enjoy free SMS. However, Cute SMS is a paid service & it cost nominal amount to send an SMS to INDIA. Click here pricing details.
How quickly will my messages be delivered ?
This depends on a number of factors : Once messages are delivered to the carriers the time it takes for them to be delivered to a handset is out of our control. If the handset is switched off has low reception low battery a full message 'inbox' then this can affect the time between sending and receiving the message.
Can I change the originator for messages I send?

This feature is offered at a premium, using which you can set the originator to alphanumeric characters, such as your name or the name of your business. If interested in availing this facility please write to us at

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